New 2L® Korean language program


Intensive course

A 10 week course held 5 days per week, 4 hours per day. Includes classroom sessions and culture experience sessions connected to the New 2L Korean language program.
Course integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing, focusing on communication through classroom and small-group activity. Students will be divided into 6 groups (Basic 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2), assigned through assignment examination.

Class sessions

  • Mon – Fri 09:00 ~ 13:00

Course objective and content

Basic 1
  • Learn the Korean alphabet and its pronunciation structure.
  • Acquire skill to understand and utilize basic words and simple sentences.
  • Acquire conversational skills for basic day-to-day activities.
Basic 2
  • Learn accurate pronunciation and acquire skills to identify phonetic changes.
  • Learn connective and terminating endings, as well as grammar, such as passive and causative expressions.
  • Acquire practical speaking skills necessary for daily life.
Intermediate 1
  • Learn basic vocabulary necessary for basic day-to-day functions such as basic social activities and use of public facilities.
  • Learn and master complex passive and causative expressions, auxiliary verbs, etc.
  • Master linguistic functions such as description, advice, and refusal, necessary for maintaining social relationships.
Intermediate 2
  • Learn onomatopoeia, mimetic words, proverbs, and basic words related to current events.
  • Complete the understanding of complex propositions and use of endings, and learn and master their various meanings and uses.
  • Discuss basic current events and understand the Korean culture.
Advanced 1
  • Learn various idioms and loanwords, as well as abstract and current event expressions related to social events.
  • ead various current event articles on politics, economics, society, and culture, as well as comparatively easy literary works, and discuss related issues.
  • Master linguistic functions such as summarization, debate, and persuasion necessary for the working environment.
Advanced 2
  • Learn a wide variety of terms, slangs, jargons, and abbreviations related to specialized areas.
  • Acquire a skill to understand abstract content such as politics, economics, society, and culture, as well as philosophy, literature, and ideology.
  • Acquire a skill to speak about work or specialized topics accurately and fluently, enough for academic enrollment and employment.

Cultural classes

  • Cultural classes will be connected to the Korean Language program.
  • Cultural classes experience fees are excluded from Korean Language Program tuition.

TOPIK II Special course

Hanyang University ERICA Institute of International Education currently provides the TOPIK II Special course for students who need to take Korean Language exams for College or employment application. The course is taught by instructors with multiple years of experience in Korean language teaching and who has written TOPIK study guides./p>

  • Course hours: 2 hours * twice a week * 4 weeks = 16 hours total
  • Course opening: 4 weeks prior to scheduled TOPIK II exam
  • Qualification: intermediate or above proficiency in Korean
  • Registration dates: inquire directly to the contact below
  • Contact: 031-400-5842,