Hanyang University ERICA Institute of International Education Overview

    Hanyang University ERICA Institute of International Education, with an educational philosophy of “Living Language and Level-up Education,” currently operates a variety of language and cultural experience programs in order to educate the next generation of global talent and prepare them for the globalized world of today. In response to steadily growing number of foreign exchange students and other international students, we are operating the New 2L Korean Language program, as well as various short-term programs such as cultural awareness classes.

Here are some of our efforts to provide a unique language education opportunities to our students:

    ERICA Institute of International Education is working hard to provide the best quality in language education.

    For foreign language programs, ERICA Institute of International Education recruits the best TOEIC instructors and speaking instructors who are very famous for their teaching skills. Our Korean program consists of experience instructors with expert training (Masters and Doctorate programs) and wealth of teaching experience. We also conduct internal performance review in order to ensure the quality of our teaching. Also, we continue to develop better teaching techniques through language educational research and programs such as the Chief Instructor program.

    The ‘New 2L’ Korean language program provides communication-centric, practical Korean education from basic to advanced level, in order to improve the students’ Korean skills. The program also serves as a cultural bridge that ensures that foreign exchange students and international students learn Korean and understand the Korean culture, and find a home in the undergraduate life in Hanyang University.

    The foreign language program includes various English courses and provides English speaking course, English Presentation course which reinforce the basic communication skill as well as prep courses for tests such as TOEIC, TOEIC SPEAKING, OPIC and TOEFL. Therefore, students who need to prepare for TOEIC, TOEFL for employment or study aboard programs can conveniently access quality courses without ever having to leave the campus.

    ERICA Institute of International Education provides a variety of courses designed to fulfill the needs of the students.

    The standard and special courses of the Korean program utilizes various supplementary material and media in order to assist the understanding and learning of students, and the culture awareness course includes many activities such as cultural experience events, live performance, and traditional crafting classes. The foreign language program provides a variety of courses such as oral communication course, as well as preparatory courses for students who have their sights set on employment, study abroad opportunities, and foreign exchange programs. Especially we are providing 50%~80% tuition refund scholarship for those students who fulfill the completion conditions.

    ERICA Institute of International Education provides assistance to students through the Mentorship and Homeroom Instructor program.

    Instructors regularly meet and communicate with international students to provide assistance and advice in their personal life and education. Also, our H.E.I-MENTOR(Hanyang ERICA Institute of International Education Mentoring) program pairs our Korean students with international students as a Korean cultural mentor, who provides practical assistance in learning Korean and adapting to Korean culture.

    Contact Point

    TEL : +82-31-400-5842(in English) /+82-31-400-5836(in English)/ +82-31-400-5847(in Chinese)    E-MAIL :     ADDRESS : #205 Convention Center, 55Hanyangdaehak-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Korea[zip code. 15588]