The purpose of Hanyang University ERICA(Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan) Campus Institute of International Education ERICA is to educate the next generation of global talent and prepare them for the globalized world of today. With an educational philosophy of “Living Language and Level-up Education,” ERICA Institute of International Education currently operates a variety of language and cultural experience programs.

In order to quickly cultivate a degree of Korean proficiency in foreign exchange students and other international students, we have designed a unique Korean language program called ‘New 2L,’ which helps students from around the world improve their Korean skills. In addition, we have foreign language programs for English, Japanese, and Chinese. The English program is designed to assist students who need to improve their English skills in order to prepare for foreign exchange programs, employment, and study abroad opportunities. The program includes speaking, TOEIC, and TOEFL prep courses, providing quality, convenient educational opportunities inside the campus. Furthermore, we have various programs outside formal classes to provide language education to international students who wish to enroll in Hanyang University. As you can see, the educational programs and content of ERICA Institute of International Education are specifically designed to enable students to communicate efficiently in a foreign language, as well as learning the culture of the country.

We will keep our sights towards to future, and continue our quest to provide an education where students come first.

Choi In Yong
Director, ERICA Institute of International Education